Steve Colombié

Full-stack developer Front-end, mobile, server.


As an employee and a freelancer I have had the opportunity to learn a lot.


I mainly use Java and Javascript, working on some back-end with Spring or Play, some Ember.js front-end or some mobile application running on Android.


Version control systems, tests, continuous integration...

I work every day with Git, SVN, Maven, JUnit and Jenkins.

And also

I also have some experience with databases, other languages, plateformes and frameworks.

And I love to learn new things.

Check my LinkedIn or contact me if you want to know more.


Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately.



My printable personal resume with JSON, Handlebars, HTML and CSS.

Source code can be found on GitHub.

Former website

Former website

My former website was a portfolio for my projects, a blog engine and an online resume.

I developped it using Play Framework and Bootstrap.

Encelade 1789

Encelade 1789

Encelade 1789 website was developped with Localis Communication.

I added features implemented with PHP to the core Wordpress and developped a custom theme to match the visual brand identity.

Sport Coach

Sport Coach

Sport Coach is an Android application allowing to create training programs, practice sport and check progress.

Sport Coach is available on Google Play.

Take a look at my GitHub account.


Want to get in touch? Send me a message.